Adobe x Keith Haring — Creativity For All
Creative Cloud Brushes

Keith Haring was more than an artist, he used his deceptively simple stylo to fight stigma challenge perceptions and ultimately, make the world a better place.

Art is  now often hidden inside museums, created and curated by an elite. The technological era offers us the oppertunity to revive art as a functional medium - to expose different perspectives, to analyse the human condition and ultimately bring about positive social change. 

So how can we stimulate our community to use creativity to tell otherwise untold stories.


Keith worked with acrylics, spray paint, house paint, and other fast-drying mediums. The vinyl, round, and flat brushes in this set are big and full of texture, with a variety of brushstrokes for more bold, painterly work.

Sumi Ink
He cut the bristles of Sumi brushes to make his own flat-tipped tools. Our brushes let you control the tilt and pressure to get different textural effects such as lines that gap and skip.


Felt Tip
Great for detail work, the felt tip pens have a mostly fixed width with greater control for finer line work. Just like real felt tips, these break in and spread on porous surfaces.

Keith used permanent markers for some of his pieces because they could draw on practically any surface, including metal. Our set includes chisel, square, and brush markers that you can adjust for a full ink or dried-out effect.


Worked on: Concept, script
Agency: Dentsu Achung! Amsterdam

Client: Adobe - Creative Cloud

Creatives: Claire IJsbrandij, Tanya Ponomareva
Creative Director: Jasper Jansen, Samyr Souen
Executive Creative Director: Kika Douglas, Mervyn ten Dam
Production: Marc Elbers
Account: Annabella Klop, Maaike Stellink
Editor: Maksim Kuzin