Volkswagen —Road Tales
Interactive Audiobooks

Snelweg Sprookjes are location-based
audiobooks that bring highways to life.

An initiative of Volkswagen and the CPNB (Dutch books authority) that turns ordinary road objects into story elements. The main goal of the app is to make children curious about looking outside again as they ride in the car - but also to give parents a good alternative for the use of screens.

​To make this happen, we first scanned the entire Dutch highway system to identify thousands of bridges, windmills, lakes and other things along the road. Then we cooperated with award winning children's book writers to create interactive stories that are triggered by the objects you see along the way. A mix of good old storytelling and the game ‘I spy with my little eye’. 


Agency: Dentsu Achtung Amsterdam
Role: Concept, Technology, Story development.
Concept together with: Kika Douglas, Samyr Souen, Lieve Eek.
Creative Director: Mervyn Ten Dam, Daniel Sytsma
Production: Sam van der Zanden, Souraya el Far, Kim Do.
Account: Dirk Jan de Krom

Design: Joost Huver, Motor Niveo
Sound: Big Orange
Technology: Robot Kittens
Case Film: Maksim T Kuzin